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Gurudev Shri Mukund Hari Ji Maharaj

Gurudev Shri Mukund Hari Ji Maharaj
Gurudev Shri Mukund Hari Ji Maharaj

For Shri Vinod Agarwal, “Naam Sankirtan” or “Bhajan Gayan” is not just singing or doing ‘Kirtan’, rather it is an intense meditation of merging with the melodies of Shri Gurudev.

It is an attempt to keep the holy stream of ‘Shri Harinaam Sankirtan’ flowing. His singing is a holy tribute to the sacred memory of his Gurudev.

Undoubtedly, Shri Vinod Agarwal’s voice and style of singing is different and divine. It goes deep from ears to heart and from heart to soul. This has been gifted to him by his Satguru in ‘initiation’.

Hence, to understand sweetness of voice and uniqueness of style of Shri Vinod Agarwal Ji, we shall have to know about his Gurudev Swami Mukund Hari Ji Maharaj and take a dip in holy stream of his Sankirtan.

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Shri Vinod Agarwal

Shri Vinod Agarwal Ji
Shri Vinod Agarwal

In 1962, at the age of 7 years he came to Mumbai when his parents migrated from Delhi. His parents were believers of lord Krishna.

At the age of 12 years he learned to play Harmonium. He is studied upto Higher Secondary. He has been interested in God & Bhajans since a very young age.

He got married at the age of 20 years to Smt. Kusum Lata Agarwal from Delhi and has two children; son Jatin and daughter Shikha. Both the children are now married. He has received a lot of unconditional support from his wife, who is also religious and often accompanies him for his programs.

Since 1978 he has been conducting Hari Naam Sankirtan every Sunday morning at his elder brother’s office. In 1979 he took Diksha from his Guru, Late Shri Mukund Hari Ji Maharaj of Bhatinda, Punjab. He was called Sankirtan Samrat. He has written a lot in languages such as Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi. Mr. Vinod Agarwal was bestowed by His blessings on His own without having to search for his Guru.

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One thought on “Biography

  1. Jai Jai Sri Krishna ….
    Or i Say “Jai Ho” to the mediator (as i think) Shri. Vinod Agarwal Ji B/w me and the Almighty.
    The work done or you are doing is really , what i say i have no words to xpress.
    I wish once in my life i meet you , if i meet you i found that i met God.
    I can imagine the one whose thoughts are that rich how the men really is.
    Sri Vinod ji – You are ultimate , you are the best….
    I have no idea what to say , all praises or saying for you is nothing for the work you did or doing.
    I must say ” Main deewana ho gaya , main mastana ho gaya ”
    Aapki har ada – (awaaj,saleeka,wo dil ko chune wale sher ,wo ek motivational aur inspirational leher , wo katur satya ,wo sach ka bodh jo ki aapke bhajano me milta hai)

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